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At Crusinberry Properties, passion fuels our mission – to be a guiding light for both sellers and potential tenants alike throughout our community. For sellers, we understand the profound emotional journey of letting go of a home filled with memories and dreams. Our commitment is to walk alongside you with empathy and care, ensuring your transition is not just seamless but deeply respectful of the love and history embedded within your property.

And to our potential tenants, we share in your yearning for a place to call your own – a haven where every corner whispers of comfort, belonging, and possibility. With unwavering passion and dedication, we strive to offer not just houses but homes where laughter echoes through the halls, and love fills every room.  

At Crusinberry Properties, our mission ignites a fire within us – to create spaces where lives intertwine, dreams take flight, and joy knows no bounds. Join us on this impassioned journey as we champion the essence of home – one heartbeat, one dream, at a time.

Matt Crusinberry
Heather Crusinberry

    Crusinberry Properties is a house rehabilitation company established by Matt and Heather Crusinberry.  Our company buys houses and reconstructs them for rent or resell.  We currently operate out of Blair County, PA.

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      Pennsylvania | United States

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