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What Led Us Here

Like Us, Building Tomorrow Today

I'm not really sure where to start in all of this, and I don't mean this blog. Although blogging is relatively new for me as well; I am referring to our story. My aim is to give you understanding of where Crusinberry Properties come from and where we intend to go. So, without further ado…

So there we were, no crap, more bullets in the air than oxygen sifting through cigarette butts and hand grenade pins trying to find our way. Okay, not really… It all started after reading a book called "Rich Dad Poor Dad." Well, reading mixed with my mild obsession of watching HGTV. It was all really motivating in the beginning. My wife and I were pretty much on the same page, her having read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" in college and both of us enjoying the great cinematic adventure of live television. It was intoxicating watching actual real estate deals being done in front of our eyes (only to find out later that a good portion of it is scripted). Arr.

Well, that led to us seeking out what we thought was the most plausible route to build our baseline of knowledge in real estate. Which could be non-other than a “Seminar,” or so we thought. So there we were, taking our first steps, and listening to the fast pitch guy from one of those late night infomercials. Which wasn’t a complete waste of time, because there’s always something that can be learned or taken away. For us, it was an introduction to a vast wealth of knowledge, and all of which we sucked up like a single piece of toilet paper that falls into the bowl that slowly but surely fills with water. It was everything we thought it would be… the spin up!… followed by the deflating air that sends you spiraling down once you realize what the actual cost is for the program. For us it was 40k to get the rest of the materials/programs that would lead us to wealth beyond our dreams. In other words the meat and potatoes of it, the appetizer was free/cheap. Again though, don’t count us out for a free meal, even if it is just veggies; one can still walk away satisfied, and we did. We also realized that optimism goes a long way.

All of this just reinforced our mindset, to continue to search and learn as much as we could. And we did that too, almost to the point of what some call paralysis by analysis. We read everything we could get our hands on and talked to everyone that knew anything about real estate. Which is why I am going to take this opportunity to say the best site out there is by far I am not receiving anything from acknowledging them other than setting the next person up for success. I found this site while doing my own research, and I say again: “It is absolutely the greatest thing out there.” You may reach the end of the internet before coming across something that is even close to the operation/information that they provide in regards to anything that is real estate related.

Nonetheless, we finally had a good idea of what we wanted to do. We realized the importance of finding a niche, and making it happen. Thus here we are, buying properties and trying to turn them into beautiful homes for families to live. Helping those that want to get out from their houses, and aiding those that are looking to move into a home. There’s no secrets or ninja programs out there. There is however: hopefulness, drive, and that don’t quit mentality.


Let’s Go Home!

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