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Success, A Matter of Perspective?

Financial Education

Some people come from the core belief that it takes money to make money. Although I am not personally in complete disagreement with this line of thought, I do however contend with this being of a simple mindset. A good portion of the billionaires and millionaires of today are self-made. Nevertheless, I do believe we are unable to simply define “self-made” unequivocally due to one’s positioning from which they started; namely to approximate another individual’s perspective or definition of “A leg up,” if you will. Not everyone came from the hollows of the street, but the majority of them weren’t born with the silver spoon in their mouth either. Ideally from this we can glean that wealth is more specific to the individual, and not that of their affluence; thus we can conclude that wealth is not the sole product of previous wealth.

All success and wealth have an inception; a point in time when a great feat was accomplished (or what one might view as success). It’s obvious that there are essential components that need to be developed or need to materialize to set the stage for acquiring wealth/success, and this is in no way beyond the reach of the ordinary man. With that being said, what commonalities can we deduce that each of these individuals possess? Their creativity, determination, and persistence are but a few. I encourage you to look into the lives of Rockefeller, Ford, Vanderbilt, or more current individuals such as Zuckerberg, Oprah, or Walton.

I believe we can sum these up as being characteristics of a singular mindset. Napoleon Hill does an exceptional job of breaking down these particular states of mind in his classical literature: Think and Grow Rich. These combined with a financial education will be the factors that distinguishes between prosperity and mediocrity.

This basic knowledge is merely a stepping stone to wealth. So I proposition you to seek out financial education above all, because of its inherent value that can be utilized in many different facets of life or opportunities. Equip yourself with the right tools for the job. When that idea or situation presents itself you will be prepared for it and be able to exploit it for all its worth. Know that failure is a possibility, but also know you possess the competency to be able to recover or to minimize the potential risk; most importantly make your money work for you (and that is another topic for another day).

This is where I recommend you begin:

- Rich Dad Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki)

- Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

- The Cashflow Quadrant (by Robert Kiyosaki)


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